The Best Season For Plastic Surgery?

Best Season For Plastic Surgery

The Best Season For Plastic Surgery?

Having a successfully aesthetic procedure performed requires careful consideration. You are deciding to have cosmetic surgery and understandably have many questions. One of the most commonly asked questions is “When is the best time for plastic surgery?” Since cosmetic surgery entails not only the procedure itself, but also requires adequate time for healing and recovery, thoughtful review will help you get the most out of your procedure.

Best Season For Plastic Surgery - Dr. Sadi Erfani Plastic SurgeryAccording to experts, late fall to winter is the best season for plastic surgery. The coolest season of the year allows for more time indoors, longer holidays and bulky clothing, all of which are ideal for plastic surgery recovery. Below are additional reasons to keep in mind as the best time for preparing for your new look.

Recovery Time Without Missing Work

Winter comes with the carefree glee and glitter of preparing for Christmas and New Year. For most people, the season means one thing: more days away from work! Planning to have your surgery done during this time means that you have more time to allow the scars and wounds to heal, and set aside time for your body to recuperate post-surgery. Most people usually take their long vacations during this time of the year, so if the holidays aren’t enough, opting for a leave of absence during best season for plastic surgery will only let you miss a few days from work.

Perfect For Staying Indoors

Best Time For Plastic SurgeryThe harsh temperatures outside are not the only reason to stay indoors. After surgery, your skin needs to recover and staying indoors will facilitate healing. Higher temperatures also encourage swelling and infection, and the cool winter climate is perfect for avoiding these complications. Staying indoors is also ideal for patients who are recommended to avoid strenuous activities, such as patients who have undergone abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast surgery or laser resurfacing. Other procedures also require you to stay away from direct strong sunlight to avoid darkening of scars, and your cozy time spent indoors is perfect for this.

New Year, New You!

Apart from New Year’s Resolutions and the vow to be a better person this coming year, many people also opt for physically improving how they look. The New Year just makes everyone feel brand new, and for some, a good way to personify this is by changing how they look. Having your procedure during the winter months allows you to be in time for a brand new look to welcome the New Year. This usually improves self-esteem and makes people more confident and ready for the New Year. It’s also a good way to prepare in advance for that perfect bikini body in summer.

Best Season For Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery - WinterTurtlenecks, hoodies and ski caps are just some of the essentials in your winter wardrobe – essentials that can also help camouflage your surgery. Covering up scars during the winter is much easier and more acceptable than during other seasons. Having plastic surgery at this time still keeps you stylish without you having to alter your winter fashion style. For many, fall and winter is the best season for plastic surgery.

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