A Little Young For Facelift Surgery? Consider A Liquid Facelift.

Liquid Facelift

Liquid Facelift

By Sadi Erfani, MD

What Is A Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is a popular aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates the face and restores a visibly youthful appearance with no surgery. The treatment is accomplished with injections of dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane and a Botox, Xeomin or Dysport neurotoxin. Liquid face lifts are usually performed for those not quite ready for facelift surgery (typically aged in their late 30’s to mid 40’s), has concerns about operative surgery or is too busy to spare downtime recovery from a facelift.

What Does A Liquid Facelift Do?

A liquid facelift will dramatically enhance loss of fat and volume of the face. Laxness of the skin, shallow cheeks, the appearance of lines on the forehead known as Glabellar lines and wrinkles are common areas attended to with this type of treatment.
A liquid facelift will speedily:

– Plump up the cheek areas
– Correct distinct lining around the mouth known as Marionette lines
– Reduce facial wrinkles
– Fill mild to moderate line, furrow and groove depressions
– Provide smoother appearing looking skin overall

Liquid Facelift - Restylane

What Is The Difference Between A Liquid Facelift And Surgery?

A liquid facelift is not really a true facelift. It is an excellent treatment involving injectable fillers to rapidly help correct an often tired and gaunt looking appearance for someone not yet readily displaying the progressive signs of more advanced aging. The risk and downtime are minimal. An average session lasts only about 45 minutes. The effect can last anywhere from 6 to 18 months depending on the client skin condition and level of treatment.

True facelift surgery will tighten, lift and restructure deep layers of the skin that have begun to soften and sag with age. Rarely are people thrilled at the idea of having facelift surgery performed, especially if one is older. However, one can expect to enjoy long term and excellent results with skilled nipping and tucking from a highly qualified plastic surgeon (typically 7 years on average). Attention is directed to the bone structure, fat deposits, muscle position and overall skin laxity on the underlying areas of both the face and neck.

Both of these procedures help to fulfill one’s facial rejuvenation goals and fall within the categorical area of plastic surgery, yet they are two separate treatments that produce different results. Often, these procedures are combined to complement each other.


Liquid Facelift - Plastic Surgery ConsultationThe facial aging process involves the tissue softening of the face that will slowly begin to descend downward, development of wrinkling skin and loss of facial volume especially in the cheek, temple and jowl areas.

A liquid facelift can be ideal for patients that can or want to hold off on surgical intervention. Adding volume through the use of fillers to specific areas of the face can improve and refresh one’s look. However, it is important to determine if one is the right candidate for treatment. Getting expert opinion from a highly qualified plastic surgeon will yield tremendous insight, a desired solution and possible alternatives to consider.

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