Liposuction Surgery

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Liposuction surgery or lipoplasty involves the removal of troublesome unwanted body fat to achieve a contoured look upon the desired area. Liposuction is a consistent top performing cosmetic procedure performed each year.

The ASPS reported 235,237 liposuction procedures in 2016, up 6 percent from 2015. Liposuction is a safe procedure when performed by a skilled plastic surgeon and has long since been proven effective. Fatty areas located within the abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs, breast, neck, back, and upper arms are often targeted.

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About Liposuction

Liposuction will help reduce that fat and contour your body for impressive results.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes subcutaneous fat, fat that is located just beneath the surface of your skin. This fat is stored under the skin and is very difficult to reduce with exercise and diet. Today, there are many new tools that plastic surgeons use aside traditional lipo methods, such as laser liposuction. Dr. Erfani does not use these tools because they are new and there are no long-term studies available to show their effects. Instead, he uses traditional liposuction that has had decades to be studied and perfected.

In an article written by the nation’s top experts in the field that talks about the history and innovation of liposuction, liposuction is explained as an art and the surgeon performing as a sculptor.

With the use of modern tools, fat is removed and evenly contoured to achieve the patient’s ideal result. This is the approach we have at Erfani Plastic Surgery, to meticulously mold your body for slim, toned results.


Dr. Erfani and his dedicated staff have generated excellent resultsin removing fat, tightening the skin and sculpting the body. Extensive information is available which describes the procedure of liposuction along with helpful before and after surgery tips.

If you are considering liposuction surgery in La Jolla, contact our office and meet with our doctors and staff to discuss your aesthetic goals.

Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction surgery is performed upon designated areas of the body marked by the operating plastic surgeon. After anesthesia is given and takes effect, a narrow cannula tube is inserted beneath the skin layers to begin suctioning out fat. By moving the cannula through pushing and pulling movements, fat cells are broken up and then vacuumed out. The procedure can take one to two hours to finish. However, liposuction can take longer depending on the number of areas performed upon.

Surgery Video

Dr. Sadi Erfani provides an informative narrative about liposuction surgery in La Jolla with a young woman that had difficulties losing weight despite regular exercise. The patient experienced no pain during the procedure and achieved excellent results.

Once the fat has successfully been taken out it can be harvested and paired with additional cosmetic surgeries such as a facial fat transfer, breast enhancement or Brazilian butt lift. The ASPS reported that in 2016, minimally invasive cosmetic fat injections increased 13%, buttock augmentation using fat grafting increased 26%, and breast augmentation using fat grafting increased 72% form 2015.

Areas Treated With Liposuction

Liposuction can be performed on almost any area where fatty deposits can accumulate. The areas most commonly asked about are:


Facial liposuction is a meticulous process that sculpts and contours your appearance. Popular techniques include chin liposuction and neck liposuction. Many people develop excess fat under their chin, this is called submental fullness. Double chin liposuction will reduce that fat and help you appear fit and younger. A treatment that addresses both the chin and neck will return balance to your face!

Lipo surgery will dramatically improve your appearance, making you look and feel great! If you are concerned about one of the areas listed above, look at our liposuction before and after photos to see how liposuction could improve your body.


The vast majority of procedures involve the treatment of the stomach area. Liposuction breaks down unwanted layers of fat and is then extracted. Sagging skin and muscles leftover from the surgery may require a tummy tuck to trim it down and tighten it.

Hips and Thighs

The accumulation of fat around these areas is an issue that women often seek out a solution for. This targeting of these areas can extend to the knees or pelvic area.


Women are prone to this problem. Liposuction provides an effective solution for this area.


Skin begins to hang under the arms resembling a pair of wings. Fat accumulates here from age, weight gain and or lack of exercise. Liposuction provides dramatic toning to these areas.

Male Breasts (Gynecomastia)

Often referred to as Man Boobs, this condition can be hereditary, hormonal or from obesity. This surgical process removes fat and curve restoration of the chest to give it a more masculine look.


Liposuction will give you the results you want right away! If you are frustrated by not seeing results from exercise and diet, it is time to consider lipo surgery. This fat removal technique can remove stubborn deposits of fat, helping to improve the overall proportion and contours of your body.


Lipo is a great surgery for healthy people who are within their ideal weight range. For best results, the patient will be an active person who continues exercising and eating healthy after liposuction. These actions will allow them to have healthy surgery, recovery, and maintain their dramatic results.


A host of fundamental factors affect the cost of liposuction. Depending on the type of procedure performed, weight loss goals of the patient, areas of the body, time and other considerations such as operating room fee and or anesthesiologist has to be considered. It is extremely challenging to give an accurate estimate without an in-office consultation. However, the average price of liposuction be anywhere from $2000 to $8000 depending on what is performed.


You will need to desist from smoking and blood-thinning medications for a few weeks before and after surgery. You will be prescribed medications to pick you before your surgery date.

Most patients will need to request about five days off from work to ensure a healthy recovery.

Arrange rides to and from your appointment. If you have any questions in the day leading up to your surgery, please give our office a call so we can assist you.


You will change into a gown and the areas being treated will be cleaned and prepped for surgery. An anesthetic will be applied and once it has taken effect, the surgeon will begin the procedure. Small incisions will be made through which the cannula will be inserted.

Gentle back-and-forth movements will dislodge fat cells, allowing them to be removed via the cannula. Once the desired amount of fat has been removed and your body has been sculpted, the incisions will be closed.


Your results will be immediately noticeable! As swelling and bruising diminish, you will notice the impressive contours that the lipo surgery accomplished.

Your final results will set in in a few months once you are completely healed.

This timeline will vary based on the area being treated and your health. Lipo surgery will give you a slender body to enjoy for years!


A scheduled follow up to evaluation progress is strongly recommended.

When Liposuction is performed as a “stand-alone” procedure, time may be as little as 3 to 5 days to be able to begin getting back to normal scheduled activities. However, there are expectations one must be aware about when having this type of surgery. Applied bandages are kept for 2 weeks or more to maintain pressure on the area to prevent bleeding and also to preserve the shape.


How dangerous is liposuction?

Liposuction is not considered a dangerous procedure when a highly experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Erfani is performing it. Prior to your surgery, you will attend a consultation with Dr. Erfani where he will review your medical history and current health. If you have any pre-existing health conditions that will deter your body from healing well, the surgery will not be pursued. Ultimately, it will be your choice to pursue liposuction surgery.

How much does it cost to get liposuction on your stomach?

The price of your surgery will be determined by the size of the area being treated. Call our office today for estimates or schedule a consultation to hear the cost breakdown of your own, personalized surgery.

How long does it take to recover from liposuction?

Recovery time will vary based on the area(s) being treated and your health. On average, patients are able to return to work after three to five days. However, if you have a physically demanding job, you will need more time to heal before returning.

How much can you lose with liposuction?

The amount of fat removed during your liposuction surgery will relate to your body goals, age, and health.Dr. Erfani will determine what a safe amount of fat to remove is while achieving your best outcome!