Skin Care

Conveniently located to serve the areas of San Diego and La Jolla

When you first visit Dr. Sadi Erfani about professional skin care in La Jolla, he will meet with you to provide a personal assessment of your skin. A regimen designed to improve your overall appearance, texture and tone of your skin’s face will be given.

As we are completely committed to achieving visible results, additional feedback if necessary for ideal treatment from our plastic surgeon in special cases is available and something you typically do not find at a salon or day spa.

Skin Care Services And Treatments

Achieve amazing results in skin care in San Diego with an outstanding combination of professional expertise paired with excellent product lines.

It is understandable being confused about skin care products to try with so much advertising about different lines promising results. We only use aesthetic treatments that are essential to one’s best skin care and select products that have been consistently tested and proven to bring about dramatic results.

Our featured services include:

Chemical Peel

We utilize three peels; PCA, TCA and Glycolic. Each peel will improves the skin, but each are used differently. A PCA Peel will slough off dead facial skin to improve tone and texture, a TCA Peel will brighten and smooth out skin while a Glycolic will provide overall rejuvenation.